Launch is Underway; Prayers of Thanksgiving

This morning, October 30, we have well over 100 responses to the first-phase research with which we’ve launched this project. That’s an encouraging beginning for work of this nature.

As you continue praying, though, please ask God to send us even more resp9nses, for the research questions we’re most interested in come better with more participants.

In a short while we’ll start analyzing results. Please pray we’d have wisdom and discernment in understanding what the participants are telling us.

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Prayer for the Project Launch

Spiritual Readiness Project team members are grateful to be at the point of launching this project. There have been multiple delays along the way, many of them related to injury and illness on the team and in family members. We expect spiritual battle, because we expect this work to have significant impact for the Kingdom of God.

So please pray:

Father God, we thank you for the launch of this project. We believe you want us ready for what’s coming, whatever that may be. But your Church has been asleep, and the enemy of our souls wants to block anything that would wake us up. Therefore in Christ’s name, and by the power of his blood shed on the Cross, and by the victory of the Resurrection, we stand against that enemy. In Jesus’ name we command him to cease his efforts against this project. We thank you, God for the victory.

We pray that word on this project would spread, that many would take part in the first-phase research survey, and that God would guide all the next steps.

In Jesus’ name,


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Pray for the Spiritual Readiness of the Western Church

Prayer for today:

Father God, we know you love your Church. Son of God, you died and rose again to make the Church your body. Holy Spirit, you founded the Church on Pentecost, and you remain to empower, guide, and unify us. We give you praise.

As the Church in the Western world enters into times of increasing hostility, we pray that you, God, would guide us to a state of complete spiritual readiness for whatever the world may throw at us. That means more than endurance, more than just making it through. It means being ready to share the good news, to shine the light of Christ through our joy, to share his love though our acts of sacrificial love.

And we pray that this Spiritual Project would serve the Church well, to help it grow in that readiness.

In Jesus’ name,


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