Research Center and Knowledge Base

Too many people have tried to make too much change knowing too little. Churches do it, sadly. So have teams that have wanted to serve the church. Our own team has decades of experience in matters related to spiritual readiness, but we’re not content with that. We’re committed to study and research to keep on learning.

There’s a similar need, on another level, in the Church at large.

Spiritual readiness is a matter of true doctrine in Christ, true life in Christ through prayer and the Holy Spirit, great community, and the one remaining factor few churches emphasize as they do the other three: knowledge. It’s no accident that God gave us his primary revelation in the form of a Book. That Book, God’s word, talks about knowing, learning, teaching, and study more than faith, love, or money.

God calls us to know him and his Word, obviously. He also calls us to know how to defend the faith.

A major part of our initiative, then, is our Research Center and Knowledge Base. We’re building it now for a strong public release in the fall of 2018. Some users of our site, involved in early research, will encounter it sooner. Keep your eyes open; we’ll let you know when it launches for the public.

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