Apologetics Background/Interest Survey

Please join in this major apologetics research project.

If you’re like a lot of people in apologetics, you’ve wondered about the state of apologetics in the Church. You’ve asked what you can do to increase awareness, interest, and knowledge — especially as you see the world turning increasingly hostile toward Christianity.

Or you might be here as one who’s not sure about this apologetics thing. Either way, your input is needed here. It will take you anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on how detailed your answers are.

Your extremely valuable participation, along with hundreds of others, will help us help you discover what encourages pastors to unleash apologetics in their churches, what motivates church members to learn, what equips apologists for their best possible ministry, and more. We’re aiming toward books, web pages, equipping conferences, and a strong resource library and knowledge base right at this location.

This is the first research stage in a five-year program of research, networking, equipping, and training Christians in Spiritual Readiness.

On to the survey!

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Are you an apologist?

Whether your apologetics work is online, in your church, or on a wider stage, please share your story: What’s it like for you?

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