4. Serving the Church Above All

Pastors know what it’s like: Someone has a great new idea; no, the greatest new idea! It comes out of left field, and it shows no sensitivity to the real needs of the church.

And that sort of thing is really rampant among people offering “new” and “better” teaching on doctrine and reasons for belief. It might be new; it even be better in some ways; but if it doesn’t work practically for the church — especially the pastor — it isn’t any better after all.

Apologetics (the other name for reasons for belief) has a bad reputation in the church, and unfortunately deserves it. (At least some of it; maybe not all.)

The Spiritual Readiness Project is different. Yes, we know you’ve heard that before, too. But here’s what’s unique about our project: We’re starting out by listening to pastors. We want to serve you, and we don’t assume we know how to do that without actually listening to you. So we’re spending hours and hours listening. We’re encouraging apologetics-minded people everywhere to buy you lunch, ask you good questions, and listen to what you have to say.

We know there isn’t one single answer to, “How can we serve the church?” We’re looking for a range of ways we can help. We’re not going to try to force-fit our programs into the church; we want our service to become a natural part of your church’s flow.

Let me reiterate: Above all else, we’re here to listen and to serve.

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