5. Research and Strategies to Bring Resources to Your Church

There are thousands upon thousands of Christians with a deep interest in the ministry we’re focused on here. They read books voraciously, they listen to preachers and speakers on podcast, they attend apologetics conferences, they debate online. Many of them are united in Facebook groups like the Christian Apologetics Alliance, sharing questions, ideas, and encouragement. They’re looking for opportunities to minister.

We believe God has these people deployed in churches everywhere to be a blessing to them. We know, however, that they haven’t always successfully connected even with their own churches. Many of them express bewilderment, wondering why their ministry isn’t welcomed.

The Spiritual Readiness Project wants to help answer that question. We believe it’s a two-way problem: if the church is uninterested, quite likely the person we’re talking about hasn’t proven the necessary qualifications for ministry, or they haven’t made their case for discipleship of the mind as well as they might have. We’re starting this project with research to help understand what this group can do more effectively to minister alongside other leaders and/or teachers in their churches. We think the question “Why?” deserves an answer.

Phase One of that research is the pastoral connection project, soon to be unveiled on this website. Stay tuned.

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