About the Spiritual Readiness Project

The Spiritual Readiness Project is a church-focused initiative to provide tools, resources, and strategies in a form that truly serves the church, equipping believers for the challenges coming our way in a world that’s turning increasingly dark and hostile to the faith.

It’s about:

  1. What is Spiritual Readiness?
  2. What Difference Will It Make  — In Your Church and Beyond?
  3. Just What Are We Preparing For?
  4. Serving the Church Above All
  5. Research and Strategies to Bring Resources To Your Church


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Are you an apologist?

Whether your apologetics work is online, in your church, or on a wider stage, please share your story: What’s it like for you?

Why Not Facebook?

Why create a place for this here and not use Facebook? Two main reasons:

1. This is a better location for maintaining information where we can find it. Everything on Facebook quickly disappears, scrolling out of sight forever.

2. Like other major social media carriers, Facebook is showing bias against Christianity. It’s even blocked some conservative/Christian content. While we need to be there as much as possible for a witness, information and projects like this one are safer to store elsewhere.

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