Research Report: What Motivates Interest In Apologetics?

What motivates interest in apologetics?

Apologists have often asked how we can “get more apologetics in the Church.” Typically we’ve pursued the question as a matter of “give them the resources and they’ll find out they like it.” Even worse, we’ve treated it as if we could argue people into liking argument. In reality, though, it’s not an apologetics question, it’s a motivation issue.

The doctrine of spiritual gifts makes clear we shouldn’t expect everyone to share a high motivation, so if some don’t care to dive deep into it, that’s as expected. But those of us who aren’t gifted in evangelism are not thereby excused from doing it to some extent.

The question for the Church, then, is how to motivate persons to an extent consistent with their gifting. Apologists seem to agree that the Church has not come anywhere near reaching even this modest objective. We at the Spiritual Readiness Project agree emphatically.

But what motivates people to be interested in apologetics? Apologists can all have their intuitive opinions on that; the Spiritual Readiness Project decided to find out by asking.

Read the results online or download the printable version.

The survey and report were authored by the full Spiritual Readiness Project team

Special thanks go to the Christian Apologetics Alliance Facebook Group and Ratio Christi for their support of and participation in this survey.

Did you miss taking the survey? Want to add your voice? We’ve still got a place for you to do that.


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