Introducing the Stand Strong Apologetics Course

How can we be spiritually ready? How can we stand strong? I’ve said it elsewhere on this site: We need prayer, community, outreach, good teaching, and strong reasons to believe. The first four of those get plenty of airtime in churches, but not so with reasons to believe. This course will help fill that gap.

The first session in near-final form is now online here: Stand Strong Apologetics!

Topics under development:

  • Reasons? Who Needs Reasons?
  • Session 1: God and the Coronavirus Crisis
  • Session 2: The “Arrogance” Charge
  • Session 3: The “Intolerance” Charge
  • Session 4: The “Anti-Science” Charge
  • Session 5: The Genesis Controversy
  • Session 6: The “Legend” Charge
  • Session 7: The “Unreliable Bible” Charge
  • Session 8: Reasons for Believing in the Resurrection
  • Session 9: What’s Next?

There’s more to come. For a preview, see the development page at

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