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Research Report: What Motivates Interest In Apologetics?

What motivates interest in apologetics? Apologists have often asked how we can “get more apologetics in the Church.” ...

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Apologetics Interest Research: Executive Summary

What motivates people to be interested in apologetics? Apologists can all have their intuitive opinions on that; the ...

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Part 1: Motivations That Can Explain Interest

Why are some people interested in apologetics? What motivates them? The question matters: It could lead us to ...

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Part 2: Testing the Theory With Motivated Individuals

As a first test of this model’s applicability to apologetics, we recruited Apologetics-Interested Persons (AIPs) through Ratio Christi ...

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Part 3: Respondent Demographics

Of 135 persons who responded to our survey, 107 indicated they were actively involved in using or learning ...

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What About Statistical Significance?

The quantitative relationships shown in this survey were the only ones that met a minimum (p<.05) standard for ...

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Part 4: Qualitative (Open-Ended) Research Results

The heart of the survey consisted in two open-ended questions: “In just a few words, what one to ...

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Part 5: Quantitative Results

We asked how open AIPs’ (Apologetics-Interested Persons’) pastors were to apologetics being taught in their churches. More than ...

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Part 6: Conclusions

Expectancy Theory 1: Capacity to Do the Task Expectancy theory leads us to believe that individuals will be ...

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Part 7: Discussion

While this study suffers the limitations of a small, non-representative convenience sample, nevertheless it suggests several motivational factors ...

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