Tom Gilson

Research Part 6: Conclusions

Expectancy Theory 1: Capacity to Do the Task Expectancy theory leads us to believe that individuals will be ...

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Research Part 7: Discussion

While this study suffers the limitations of a small, non-representative convenience sample, nevertheless it suggests several motivational factors ...

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Research Note: What About Statistical Significance?

The quantitative relationships shown in this survey were the only ones that met a minimum (p<.05) standard for ...

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Research Plan

The Spiritual Readiness Project is doing broad-based research into what motivates people to be equipped for confidence, discovering ...

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Urgent Call to the Church: Wake Up and Take Action!

These events are accelerating. LGBT activists allow absolutely no dissent. This is thought-control in action…. So I urgently ...

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Launch is Underway; Prayers of Thanksgiving

This morning, October 30, we have well over 100 responses to the first-phase research with which we’ve launched this ...

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Why This Spiritual Readiness Research?

The Spiritual Readiness Project is asking apologetics-interested lay people, students, professors, writers and speakers to join in our ...

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Prayer for the Project Launch

Spiritual Readiness Project team members are grateful to be at the point of launching this project. There have ...

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Apologetics Background/Interest Survey

Please join in this major apologetics research project. If you’re like a lot of people in apologetics, you’ve ...

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The main initial costs of this project come in the form of website hosting plus time and travel ...

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