Introducing the Stand Strong Apologetics Course

How can we be spiritually ready? How can we stand strong? I’ve said it elsewhere on this site: ...

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Christians Today: Totally Ready to be Unready; Perfectly Prepared to be Unprepared

We — meaning Christians in the West, especially in America — are the generation most primed, most prepared, ...

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How to Handle LGBT-Related Dilemmas on the Job

How do you handle LGBT-related ethical issues on the job? Here are nine ideas plus a list of ...

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Make Sure Your Church is Ready for LGBT Guests

A pastor told me the story recently of a woman who said she was looking forward to the ...

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What We’re Learning from Pastors

We’re spending time listening to pastors, learning how they think apologetics can best serve the church. This listening ...

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How and When to Preach on Current Controversies — and When Not To (Part 3 of 3)

Pastors really should teach on current issues in our culture, but how? When? Can you do it without ...

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Teaching Timeless Biblical Truth Requires Un-Teaching Current Lies (Part 2 of 3)

Pastors, we must teach the truth — and Scripture itself teaches we can’t teach the truth without addressing ...

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Pastor: Why You Must Preach on Current Controversies (Part 1 of 3)

Pastors must not avoid preaching on current controversies, because every issue involves questions that matter, and how else ...

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Why Apologetics? Answering Objections From Within the Church

I’ve just graduated from a Christian college, where a discussion in my final religion class last fall caused ...

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Research Report: What Motivates Interest In Apologetics?

What motivates interest in apologetics? Apologists have often asked how we can “get more apologetics in the Church.” ...

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Are you an apologist?

Whether your apologetics work is online, in your church, or on a wider stage, please share your story: What’s it like for you?

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