Our Vision for Christian Confidence Everywhere

Spiritual readiness will happen when people on the ground make it real, in churches everywhere. So we’re praying for pastors, and we’re committed to serving you who lead in that crucial role.

Yet there’s one more person we’re praying for in every church. We’re praying for the day when every church in the English-speaking world has at least one leader who knows and can teach apologetics — reasons for Christian confidence.

Of course that would often be the lead pastor. But it doesn’t have to be. The Bible tells us how gifts are divided among the members of the church. So are responsibilities, and there’s a lot of other leadership a church needs. And pastors already have a lot to study just to prepare their sermons.

So it could be a youth pastor, an elder, a Bible study leader, even a young lay person. Whoever it is, we’re praying for all these local apologists to be equipped and empowered to teach, counsel, and train others in reasons for belief.

This person isn’t just an apologist. He or she can teach what we believe, too: systematic theology, historical theology, at a level that fits the group (which is probably deeper than most people realize). And this person knows how to minister through this teaching, both in and out of the church.

We know these local apologists are out there. Perhaps you’re one yourself. We care for you, and we want to serve you. We know how many of you see the urgency for apologetics teaching. We know how many local apologists would love to serve their church as teachers. We know a lot of you actually feel isolated, not knowing who else in your church, or even your community, shares your heart for thinking Christianly. We know the difference you’d love to make.

We’re here to research, network, equip, and empower them in every possibly church situation, so you can be the most effective ministers of the Gospel you can be, using apologetics and everything else God equips you with.

Why doctrine and apologetics in particular?

Of the five points of spiritual readiness, these get a lot less attention than the rest. Churches teach beliefs, but rarely in the depth that’s needed, and too often they’re teaching hardly any apologetics at all.

Students are therefore going to college spiritually unprepared to face professors and classmates who tell them the faith is false. Or forget college — the same thing happens every day on social media. With anti-Christian hostility increasing, we have got to be strong and secure in knowing what our message is and how we know it’s true. The good news is, it really is true: a continuing surge in Christian scholarship is giving us more reasons for confidence every day.

So we need it for…

Evangelism. Our friends and family members are constantly getting fed false messages about Christ, and even about life in general. We need to know more than what’s true; we’ve got to show others how we know it’s true.

Our own walks with Christ. A faith that wonders, “Is this really true?” just can’t be as solid, as trusting, as fully abandoned to Jesus Christ as one that knows for sure.

And even more when the pressure comes. Anti-Christian hostility has been growing, and the trend shows no sign of turning around. Spiritual readiness means being prepared for the day when we’ll stand strong in spite of opposition. In that day, we’ll have to ask ourselves, “Am I sure enough Jesus Christ is real that I’m willing to give all for him?”

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