The Stand Strong Apologetics Course

The Stand Strong Apologetics Course, under development during spring and summer 2020, is your gateway to being equipped with good answers all believers need for spiritual readiness. It’s designed with practicality in mind, especially for small groups but also for individuals, and freely available here online.

Each of the eleven sessions will include individual reading, a video lesson for group or individual viewing, discussion questions, and supplemental material for more in-depth learning. They’re all designed to answer key questions and challenges to faith:

The course is still at alpha development stage, especially in on-screen appearance. (When it’s finished it will move to a nice new home on another site.)

It begins here!

The following sessions are being added at a rate of about one every two weeks. See the “Curriculum” tab at the course page to see what’s completed so far.

  1. Introductory: Reasons? Who Needs Reasons?
  2. God, the Coronavirus Crisis, and the Problem
  3. The “Arrogance” Charge
  4. The “Intolerance” Charge
  5. The “Anti-Science” Charge
  6. The Genesis Controversy
  7. How Do We Know There’s a God?
  8. The “Jesus Legend” Charge
  9. The “Unreliable Bible” Charge
  10. Reasons for Believing in the Resurrection
  11. Now That You’ve Done the Study, What Now?

The course is now in final beta form, open for your feedback, which I’m inviting you to leave in an a comment here. By the end of summer 2020 I expect to have it migrated to a full-strength LMS (Learning Management System) site. The one I currently have in mind requires software whose promised released date is June 2. This site offers more a more than adequate beta testing ground until then.

(For a preview of sessions now yet completed, visit here — but be aware it’s very much in development there.)

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